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“Alex and his team were great to work with. As long as you give them everything they ask for, they will bend over backwards to make sure you close on time. I remember the first time I got a phone call from Alex, just to give me an update on how things were going and to make sure I didn’t have any questions. That call really showed me that he cares about his clients. I recommend Alex and Benchmark to anyone looking to buy a home.”

– Jordan Webber

“Alex always responded quickly and was always available.”

– Nathan L. – November, 2015

“Alex was very quick to respond to questions I had through email and phone calls.”

– Jessica D. – July, 2015

“Alex is an excellent communicator and always keeps clients informed. I’d never use anyone else! Thank you again, Alex. Best in the business!”

– David E. – June, 2015

“Alex worked over the weekend to help us get the loan to buy our home.”

– Alexander D. – June, 2015

“Alex walked me through everything step-by-step and made me feel very comfortable.”

– Teresa M. – June, 2015

“Alex did everything amazing!”

– Shanae M. – May, 2015

“Always available for questions and very knowledgeable!”

– Katherine R. – April, 2015

“Alex couldn’t have been better. He followed up and stayed in contact with me through the process.”

– Tara M. – April, 2015

“He estimated time to complete the process and was “dead-on”!”

– Hernan A. – April, 2015

“Alex was incredibly helpful. He always followed through very promptly, went above and beyond and made the process easy. He even helped rectify a mistake on my credit report. I would unequivocally recommend Alex to any friend looking for a home.”

– Gretchen C. – April, 2015

“Alex was careful to go through the unfamiliar terms and policies. He was very prompt in returning emails and phone calls.”

– Jake H. – January, 2015

“Alex went above and beyond to make sure he met our financial needs that were discussed at the beginning of the process. He never left us hanging.”

– Corey J. – April, 2015

“Alex’s customer service was excellent!! He responded ASAP to all of my inquiries.”

– Payton L. – March, 2015

“Alex was exceptional! He answered all our questions and responded promptly to all emails and calls. He treated us with respect and kindness.”

– Tamara H. – January, 2015

“Alex kept me informed and got the mortgage done! His knowledge helped guide me through the process.”

– Christopher M. – January, 2015

“Alex was great to work with! We would definitely recommend his services. Great communication!”

– James P. – January, 2015

“I was always able to contact Alex or his team whenever I had a question. He gave us very clear instructions on what info he needed from us. Alex kept us updated on what was happening with our mortgage application.”

– James B. – January, 2015

“Alex was in constant communication. It was amazing!”

– Christopher S. – November, 2014

“Exceptional Service!!”

– Darrell and Vicky T. – December, 2014

“Alex was helpful in everyway possible. He was always a man of his word. As a first time homebuyer, this was a most pleasant experience.”

– Bobby M.

“Alex and his team was always readily available for questions and concerns. I loved their attention to detail, and the encouragement they offered along the way.”

– April H. – November, 2014

“Alex was available and extremely quick to respond to phone calls and emails.”

– Ashley T. – December, 2014

“Alex had my best interests in mind. He got everything processed so quickly. I felt really taken care of and informed.”

– Janet A. – October, 2014

“Communication was key. The ease of process was a mental load that was taken off of us. Great job!!”

– Steven C. – October, 2014

“Alex was very helpful and responsive with all of our questions. He and his team let us know promptly what they needed. It made our first home purchase go very smooth.”

– Patrick B. – September, 2014

“Kept in touch very well. Any question I had was answered that day. Alex you are the MAN! Thank you for all your hard work.”

– Steven D. – September, 2014

“Alex is great at returning calls, emails and texts. Great Communication!!”

– Felicia G. – August, 2014

“Our experience with Alex and his Benchmark team was SUPERB! He always too the time to explain anything I wanted to know. Alex was prompt at returning my phone calls and always kept me updated as to where we were in the loan process. He made us feel at ease in what could be considered a stressful process. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to assist us. He was WONDERFUL!”

– Jennifer S. – August, 2014

“Alex worked out different mortgage choices and helped me to decide the most suitable option. I would definitely recommend you working with Alex and his team.”

– Katrin L. – July, 2014

“We were never left wondering about anything. Alex or Casey ALWAYS emailed or called the same business day. They were very open and friendly.”

– Brian O. – August, 2014

“Alex was exceptional in explaining all the fees and charges so I knew exactly what I was paying for and what the seller covered.”

– Doug L. – July, 2014

“Alex did an excellent job handling all the paperwork. I highly recommend him.”

– Edward G. – August, 2014

“Alex and Casey were excellent!! There was nothing he could’ve done to improve my experience. Alex showed extreme patience since I was in Michigan the whole time prior to closing. The staff was very helpful and patient with me while I got all the information submitted.”

– Cornealius V. – July, 2014

“Alex and his team were very responsive to questions, emails, and phone calls. The customer service was exceptional! Alex took the time to understand our needs and worked diligently to get us the loan and rate we wanted. We can’t thank him enough!! I will not hesitate to recommend Alex and Benchmark when I know someone who needs a mortgage.”

– Heather B. – June, 2014

“Alex tried to schedule an earlier closing date due to my schedule. Thanks again!”

– Henry S. – June, 2014

“It was a pleasure working with Alex and his staff. ”

– Joel E. – June, 2014

“Alex is a very busy loan officer, but he and his assistant was AWESOME!! Both worked well together and I was very comfortable working with them. Communication was great. If I didn’t know or I asked a question, Alex to the liberty to educate me and wasn’t intimidating. ”

– Robin M. – June, 2014

“Alex provided excellent service! He was honest and upfront about everything through the entire process. ”

– Dustin C. – May, 2014

“Even though I became uptight (obnoxious) during the process, Alex remained professional and calmed me down. He was wonderful! ”

– Thomas P. – April, 2014

“Alex and his team were superior in maintaining communications and providing immediate feedback on any needs and answering questions. ”

– Robert S. – March, 2014

“Alex and his team were great! They made it possible for us to close on the date we asked, even though he received the info late in the week. ”

– David G. – September, 2013

“Alex was prompt in returning calls and emails. He always put my needs first! ”

– Kristy S. – February, 2014

“Alex was great! There wasn’t a thing he could have done to improve what he did. He kept us informed of the progress as we moved forward. Great communication! ”

– James M. – January, 2014

“Our mortgage was a complex one. Issues were addressed up front which was very helpful. ”

– Jeremiah B. – November, 2013

“ Alex was always available and promptly returned every call . ”

– Melany W. – February, 2014

“Alex was very professional and made the data gathering process as easy on me as possible. He communicated well and always kept me well informed.”

– Jay H. – August, 2011

“Alex and his production partner, Casey, were wonderful! They made our home buying experience easy and worry free. If there were additional documents or paperwork that was needed they let us know right away so there were no hangups.”

– Alan E. – September, 2011

“Alex did a wonderful job with everything. I will give him and his team high marks in my book. They were very nice to my family and myself. Great job!”

– David S. – September 2011

“He did great job providing options and clearly explaining products. He showed up at the closing and facilitated the closing day process as well. ”

– David B. – August, 2011

“Alex was very understanding and helped me every step of the way. He made sure I knew what was going on at all times. He did his best to make sure we closed as soon as we could. ”

– Cristina V. – December, 2011

“Alex was beyond excellent! Super fast in responding to me and always answered all my questions in a way I could actually understand. ”

– Jason B. – November, 2011

“Alex was very informed and answered all our questions. He explained all of the process and the paperwork. He went above and beyond his job to make sure we understood each step. Alex was always willing to help us in the process of all the paperwork as there was a lot of it. ”

– James B. – December, 2011

“Alex and Casey worked very hard to get our loan approved in a timely manner.”

– John M. – December, 2011

“He had knowledge of his job and didn’t cut corners. He gave me the blunt truthful answer I was looking for. Thanks Alex, you’re the best! ”

– Matt L. – July, 2011

“Alex was phenomenal! Always responded to my emails/calls in a timely manner and was very efficient. I was a first time homebuyer and Alex made sure I understood each step of the process. His communication skills are impeccable and he was always friendly.”

– Rachel L. – April, 2011

“Alex did an excellent job and far exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend and use Alex again. ”

– Richard P. – June, 2011

“I have no complaints. I was very impressed with Alex and the work he did for me. It went perfectly even though I had a complicated situation we worked through it.”

– Aimee C. – April, 2011

“I was really impressed when he called to tell us he would be out of town for a few days and gave us a name and number of someone to contact if we had any questions of concerns. Thank you so much for making our dream of owning a home become a reality. We appreciate your help! We love being homeowners and we love our new home! ”

– Jennifer B. – July, 2011

“At the time our agent for the house was shady. Thanks to Alex though for stepping in and actually going above and beyond with helping us and removing our buying agent. Alex took over after our horrible experience with our buying agent and helped finalize our house purchase by working with our new attorney and making sure he had everything quickly. ”

– Jason R. – February, 2011

“Alex was GREAT! We feel that Alex went above and beyond the call of duty. We can’t wait to work with him again. ”

– Eric and Aubrey B. – November, 2011

“Alex was not pushy and worked for me. I was very satisfied with my overall experience with Alex. ”

– Stephan D. – November, 2011

“Alex is the best! Enjoyed working with him and appreciate all his help and hard work. His service was amazing and I’m very satisfied. ”

– Laura P. – February, 2012

“I most appreciated the value of time I received from Alex. He gave great service and was knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend him!”

– Patricia F. – December, 2011

“Alex doesn’t need to change a thing! He kept us informed and looked out for our best interest! He’s the best!”

– Matthew W. – February 2012

“It was a great experience! Alex’s communication was outstanding! ”

– Jason S. – February, 2012

“Everything I asked was taken care of quickly. I particularly appreciated Alex keeping me updated.”

– Robert J. – March, 2012

“Alex was absolutely excellent! He followed up on EVERYTHING! ”

– Michael N. – April, 2012

“Alex was always kind and professional. He answered questions no matter what time of day I called. Alex was always willing to help! ”

– Sheila C. – April, 2012

“Alex calmed my nerves before making any financial decision with his knowledge and reliability. I highly recommend him! ”

– Michelle M. – April, 2012

“Alex was great and very helpful. He was thorough with me being a 1st time homebuyer. He was always available to answer and explain my many questions.”

– Pakita S. – June 2012

“Alex was just very personable. It wasn’t like dealing with a stranger. He had genuine concern for me as a home buyer and didn’t treat me like just another client.”

– Ashley B. – June 2012

“Alex was perfect! He worked very fast under the circumstances with my job and travel. Alex was very knowledgable and professional. ”

– Frederick S. – June 2012

“Alex was very professional and prompt to address questions and issues. He did a great job!!! I would say Alex’s integrity is his biggest attribute. ”

– Daniel G. – July, 2012

“His personal assistance was exceptional. I highly recommend using Alex!”

– Brian C. – July, 2012

“Alex did a GREAT job! He got my loan done and closed as fast as possible. ”

– Susan C. – July, 2012

“Benchmark was EXCELLENT! We were very pleased with everything Alex did. He responded in a very reasonable time and taking time out of his “at home” time to help us was most appreciated. ”

– Christopher J. – July, 2012

“I was very satisfied with Alex. His service was excellent and Benchmark had competitive rates.”

– Frank P. – August, 2012

“Alex was a calming force during the entire process. He was excellent! Thanks Alex”

– Jason S. – July, 2012

“Alex and Casey were very easy to work with. They couldn’t have done any better! Awesome experience! ”

– Brook A. – July, 2012

“Alex did a great job! He was patient with me and stayed on course. I highly recommend Alex and his team. Thanks again! ”

– Richard W. – August, 2012

“Alex was excellent! He worked with us to get VA approval after we were told VA would not finance us. ”

– Teddy and Dawn W. – August, 2012

“Alex worked diligently through the whole refinance process. We couldn’t believe the speed. He answered all questions and addressed all concerns.”

– Walter S. – August, 2012

“Alex and Benchmark were awesome to work with. I was treated as an individual and not a number. Alex was especially great to give us extra help as Zachary was deployed during this process. I’m very thankful for all he did.”

– Zachary M. – August, 2012

“Benchmark was exceptional! Alex was very flexible to our needs. He made sure everything was done ON TIME! Thanks Alex! ”

– Colin W. – July, 2012

“Alex was AMAZING! He communicated well when things did not go as planned. He went above and beyond. ”

– Tracy D. – September, 2012

“Alex was always responsive and helpful. He seemed to go out of his way to make sure complicated aspects of the mortgage process went smoothly. I felt like he was my extremely acknowledgable advocate. Thanks Alex!”

– Grishka C. – October, 2012

“Alex was friendly and always on top of what was going on. He provided excellent service and always fought for my side. ”

– Daisy S. – October 2012

“Alex was quick with responding to phone calls and emails. Great to work with!”

– Matt F. – September, 2012

“Everything was great! Alex was patient and was willing to work around my schedule”

– James L. – December, 2012

“I was completely satisified with Alex and Benchmark. He is extremely professional, personable and knowledgable about his profession. Alex is attentive to the questions I had and helped me understand the process. He definitely exhibits GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! He was always prompt in returning calls and emails. He quickly gained my trust, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to work with. ”

– Sharon S. – February, 2013

“When you are THE BEST; forget the rest!! Alex is caring and likes helping people acheive their goals. He’s always available and if he’s not, he or Casey will get back to you promptly. ”

– Albert D. – December 20, 2012

“Everything was handled quickly and to our satisfaction. We wanted to make sure we worked with a local loan office. Alex was great at keeping me informed of what was going on and what was needed along the way. His emails were extremely helpful!”

– John D. – December, 2012

“Alex was willing to answer any and all questions no matter how “silly” they seemed.”

– Matthew G. – December, 201

“My experience with Benchmark couldn’t have been better. From day 1 of meeting Alex I knew I had made the right choice. He is very knowledgable and available. Thanks for all you did. ”

– Kelli H. – February, 2013

“Alex’s knowledge and assistance in helping me obtain a VA loan was stellar. He was always there to answer any and all questions. Superior staff that was polite and professional. ”

– Bruce P. – February, 2013

“Alex returned our phone calls very promptly. He worked by our side the entire time and made himself available constantly. Great job!! ”

– James P.

“He worked well with both the buying and selling agents to make sure everything was completed in a timely manner. Alex was great and so helpful!”

– Melissa D. – February, 2013

“Alex was great! Casey, his production partner, was also very helpful. They communicated great with me throughout the entire process. ”

– Lynne B. – February, 2013

“Alex was awesome! He went above and beyond in everything that it would be too much to write down. I have even already referred someone to him. ”

– Jared L. – April, 2013

“I loved the email updates and videos. Thanks again Alex! Communication was great!”

– Jennifer H. – April, 2013

“Alex and Casey are an AMAZING team! They both made sure that our loan process went smooth. After a set back on our end, Alex went over and beyond his duties to make sure all parties were taken care of. MANY THANKS!!”

– Frederick H. – April, 2013

“He always kept me in the loop and let me know what was going on. ”

– Elizabeth H. – June, 2013

“Alex is always there to answer questions. He is awesome and is the best lender out there! ”

– Richard & Tosha J. – June, 2013

“Alex and his team were great! They were communicative and extremely friendly and easy to work with. I felt like Alex went out of his way to make us happy.”

– Byron P. – June, 2013

“Alex returned calls promptly. Thanks for everything! ”

– Robert L. – July, 2013

“Alex and Casey, thanks so much for all your help! Service was outstanding!!! Communication, both face to face and over the phone, was consistent through the entire process.”

– Daniel C. – July, 2013

“I appreciated how I was treated like a person not just another loan. Alex is quick to follow up on questions and very professional. ”

– Gary C. – July, 2013

“Alex was great and so helpful! We will gladly recommend him to friends and family.”

– David G. – July, 2013

“Alex was very knowledgeable, amiable, and on the ball. Thank you for the address stamper too.”

– Freddie S. – August, 2013

“Everything Alex and his team did was great and much appreciated! ”

– Walter T. – May, 2013

“Alex and his staff were very quick to respond to all emails and questions. It was as if I were their only customer. It was greatly appreciated!! ”

– Joshua C. – September, 2013

“Alex was very quick to respond to calls and emails. Very patient with all of my 1st time home buyer questions. ”

– Katelyn C. – September, 2013

“Alex’s knowledge of the process was extremely helpful, as it was very complicated, cumbersome, and intrusive. However he and his team kept it organized and as painless as possible for the consumer. ”

– Barbara M. – October, 2013

“Alex always accommodated us in whatever we needed. ”

– Stephen C. – October, 2013

“We moved from Illinois to SC so all this was done long distance. I was kept informed through phone calls and emails every step of the way. If documents were required, I was told why. If there were delays, I was told the reason. Alex and Casey made the whole thing simple and worry free. ”

– Susan R. – October, 2013

“Prompt application process with very few hiccups. As mortgages go, this was an easy and pain free process thanks to Alex and his team.”

– William R. – September, 2013

“Alex remained calm when I was frustrated with paperwork, which is part of buying a home. Thanks Alex! You did a great job!”

– Joshua N. – October, 2013

“Alex’s professionalism and knowledge made buying a house easier and made for a fantastic experience. ”

– Angus C. – November, 2013

“Alex has been excellent. He is responsive and helpful in answering any questions we had.”

– Jonathan R. – October, 2013

“Alex and his team was great! They kept me informed every step of the way.”

– Neil L. – October, 2013


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